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Engelspam by Nikepz Engelspam by Nikepz
I keep uploading more on tumblr and forgetting DA oooohhh shame on me.

Some Engelbert doodles from all-year I decided to compilate because I need to upload stuff. Also I have an EATG character dump coming sooooon


I just realized I never posted many tropes associated with him because they are too many but here are some:

:bulletred:The Trickster [link] Admires legendary german trickster Till Eulenspiegel's ways of treating society a little too much.

:bulletred: Guile hero [link]

:bulletred: Cheshire cat grin[link] ,slasher smile [link] , psychotic smirk [link] : He'll likely be sporting ANY of this.

:bulletred: Loser son of loser parents [link] He's seen as this by both sides of his family.

:bulletred: Loners are freaks [link]

:bulletred:Then let me be evil [link] Often tries this but canít bring himself to.

:bulletred: Tragic Mischling [link] The jewish side of his family, and the gentile one are both ashamed of him.

:bulletred: halfbreed [link] half german half jewish

:bulletred: halfbreed discrimination [link] done to him by both sides.

:bulletred: badass [link] don't doubt it for a second.

:bulletred: madden into misantrophy [link] doesn't need anyone's acceptance, or so he says.

:bulletred: jerk with a heart of gold [link] emphasis on heart of gold.

:bulletred: brutal honesty [link] get's in trouble for this often.

:bulletred: cloudcuckoolander [link] debatable in how much of it is real and how much is an act to lower everyone's guard.

:bulletred: psychopatic manchild [link] with a bigger emphasis on manchild.

:bulletred: stepford smiler [link] His smile is not always genuine.

:bulletred: self deprecation [link] years of people putting him down affected his self-steem, does especially with his physical appearance.

:bulletred: distinguishing mark [link] his port wine stain birthmark of course.

:bulletred: trrrilling rrrss [link] a verbal tic, especially when speaking another language.

:bulletred: berserk button [link] say bad things about his heritage, his mother, and his birthmark. It wonít end well.

:bulletred: man bites man [link] REALLY likes to bite if provoked to fight.

:bulletred: I just want to be beautiful [link] Heís actually quite handsome despite his birthmark, but doesnít do anything for his appeareance.

:bulletred:Iím am not pretty [link] Sees himself as this, funny enough if he gave himself a very much needed bath and combed his hair he would look really different and more classy.

:bulletred: I just want to be loved [link] phileo, eros, and agape tho he wonít admit.

:bulletred: mommaís boy [link] a positive example, his mother is the only person -at first- who wants him to get better.

:bulletred:genious slob [link] They aren't many differences between Engelbert and a homeless heroine-addict when it comes to looks, but Engelbert can be really refined and show that he didn't spend his time at school loafing around.

:bulletred: Riches to rags [link] came from an aristocratic family that lost everything duiring the Great Depression, and Engelbert's father went missing...

:bulletred: Parental abandonment [link] his father went missing at sea.

:bulletred: A man is not a virgin: [link] AVERTED, he's never done it. Engelbert is kind of a "late bloomer" regarding despite having been quite promiscuos as a pre-teen. Let's just say that if a girl hugged or kissed him he would be like "asdfghjjhgfd!? *freezes*" and be a total nervous wreck, not because he doesn't like it but because he has zero experience in that kind of love.

Tropes relating to post-war Engelbert -who seems to become creepier the more I draw him- are here [link] He's creepy for a reason, he's alone, PTSD'ing HARD, and has no one to look after him.

I actually find it funny that he shares some characteristics with Astley and Tybalt who-after all-are his great nephew and grandson respectively.

Also Joachim Marseille is fucking gorgeous.
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0-Statik-0 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
Now you've pointed it out, true he's always grinning like a mad guy.
He's quite cute when he's surprised.
Nikepz Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012  Student General Artist
Yeah he really likes to grin like that, it can be said that smiling while baring your teeth is something that at times means intimidation, so Engelbert probably grins because is a way of telling he's not to be messed with, especially considering he was picked on at school by students and teachers.

He stops grinning like that after the war though...instead he "death glares" a lot.

Well he goes cute when he is not in a hostile enviroment, which is...not often.
0-Statik-0 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Ooooh, interessting.

Well, I guess the world is a hostile environment for him, isn't it ?
Nikepz Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012  Student General Artist
Well yeah the racial enviroment of the nazi regime really affected him growing up, and how he viewed himself, and society. He's a very emotionally damaged guy, and once he's treated nicely he doesn't know if to trust or not because he's not used to...

I've been investigating the situation of half-jews back then and while their treatment was not as horrible as that of full jews, it was still really tragic. Also sad because there isn't much information about it. Let's say that Hitelr named mixed-race children as "monstrosities" for starters
0-Statik-0 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
With such a backgroung, I wonder how he managed to survive the war into the german army. Were there half-jews in the army ? I never thought about that
Nikepz Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012  Student General Artist
He has good survival skills and he can handle himself in war situations. It's getting along with others his biggest struggle as he is very much a rebel.

Yes they were, in fact they say about 160.000 half-jews served in the German Army (not sure about the SS) they were drafted too but they were not allowed to get high ranks (some did however) and many did serve in order to protect their Jewish parent, or to prove themselves loyal to the regime. They were called "mischlingen" which is the same meaning as hybrid, half-breed, or mongrel and the term is still used nowadays on dogs for example.

They were plans to exterminate or sterilize mischlings, but the goverment saw it as a very risky move because half-jews are also "half-aryan" and that would make the aryan side family upset with the regime. However if Germany had won the war, half-jews would have probably suffered similar fates as those of full-jews :noes:
0-Statik-0 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012
This Germany was quite weird.
Thanks for the History lesson ! I'll note that somewhere in my head. I learn more everyday
Nikepz Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2012  Student General Artist
lol you're welcome.

It kinda sucks that there's not enough information about what was going on with half-jews back then, the sad thing is that in many cases half-jewish children have identity problems today.

My sister's ex was jewish and my mom was worried because she was told by friends who have family members in interfaith marriages that their children often grow up confused by both sides and it's hard for them to feel accepted in the comunity if their jewish side of the family is fundamentalist.

Sadly for Engelbert his jewish side of the family were the fundamentalist type...
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